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whisper's story

As a kid, Valerie loved playing with her dolls' hair, and as she grew older her loved ones allowed her to experiment and learn with their real hair. It was in the 9th grade that she knew for sure that she wanted to be a hair stylist. Through her adolescence and into her adulthood, she worked at over 7 hair salons! At her seventh stop, she realized that she no longer wanted to work for other people, but to have her own hair studio!

Valerie has been a shampoo tech, a stylist on commission, a stylist using booth renting, and she just was tired of the restraints on both herself and her clients! So, in 2001, the owner at the time was looking to sell but didn't know to whom to sell to. This was the moment that Valerie capitalized on the opportunity to achieve her masterplan of owning her own hair studio. She then bought it and became the new owner of Whisper's Hair Studio!

"What I love about what we do is that I love that our clients are happy after we serviced them, a platform being able to service your hair, and having meaningful conversations and relationships with my clients, being resourceful with them, being there when they just need someone to talk to." There is always room for growth at Whispers, but 20 years of business says that Whispers is ready for any of your hair needs because remember, healthy hair is beautiful hair! Book your appointment with Valerie today!

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